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Dentistry in a Day

BioDental is proud to offer dentistry in a day with CEREC technology. Get back to your daily life without a long waiting period or multiple follow-up appointments.

How CEREC works

As the first step in CEREC, Dr. Matian will prepare your mouth in order to apply a reflective powder onto the applicable teeth. Once this is done, he will take a digital image of your teeth using a special optical camera. This camera allows Dr. Matian to see the exact dimensions of your teeth in three dimensions. Design of your restoration can now begin.Using the patented CEREC software, Dr. Matian carefully designs your restoration. He can use CEREC to design any number of restoration types, including:





Our Process

Once the design is made, Dr. Matian selects the appropriate porcelain block to match the shade of your neighboring teeth. This block is then placed into the CEREC milling unit, which, in only a few minutes, shapes it into a custom-fitted restoration. Dr. Matian will then try on the new restoration, which allows him to make any final adjustments necessary, such as coloring. Once everything looks good, the restoration is cemented into place and polished to match the surrounding teeth. The last step is to check your bite and make sure your teeth sit properly.

Using computer assisted design and manufacture is beneficial because it provides extremely accurate restorations with durable materials. This means that only a minimal amount of tooth preparation is required, leaving more of the healthy tooth structure intact. With CEREC, you can have strong, healthy restorations in only one appointment.

Real Patients. Real Testimonials. Real Before/After Pictures.

Dr. Matian cares about his patients, his staff is amazing and the office is a clean and warm environment. I recommend them to all my family and friends. You can TRUST BioDental!

Patty Smith


BioDental is a fully accredited dental suite located in Encino, California. This leading edge facility offers advanced, precise techniques to ensure the total health of any patient’s teeth. Additionally, it offers a full array of cosmetic dentistry procedures for those requiring a touch-up in the appearance of their teeth. 



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